SW1 wears Moncler

On Saturday, C, C and myself went down to the other end of the Piccadilly line for some shopping and here’s what we discovered:
Only in Harvey Nicks do you sit next to a guy in his 20s wearing sunglasses  and a diamond rolex, naturally he did not know how to use a knife and fork properly, always a giveaway of the nouveau riche

Only in Harvey Nicks do you come across a family of what appeared to be lottery winning chavs, we’re talking juicy couture tracksuit bottoms, teenage girls with permanent eyebrows and yet they had been shopping there and at Chanel (no I’m not jealous)
Only in the HN toilets, do you see women of all shapes and styles including one who looked like she was off to get married at “my little chapel” in Vegas in her tiny white dress and horrible high white cheap looking shoes

Only at Prada do handbags come in “any colour you want”, yes seriously, I would be quite happy with a yellow one, green one, blue one or grey one

imageOnly at Miu Miu do you leave your gap and muji shopping bags in the middle of the floor and make the Colombian German sales assistant laugh and admit he was happy to be entertained by us and our crazy comments about the “weird coloured” bags because “it gets a bit boring in here”.



Only on the Kings Road do 6 year olds (as well as what seemed like 70% of the adult population) run around in Moncler coats (no I’m not jealous)

Only on the Kings road do glamourous looking beautiful couples drink prosecco on benches in the sun (no I’m not jealous)

Only in Miu Miu do women covered in diamond rings looking soooo bored, ask if they sell sandals closed at the front and open at the back, not exactly Miuccia Prada’s style I don’t think…

I think this is what they were after:

Only at Anya Hindmarch are there very funny and willing to help Italian salesmen as opposed to the woman in Chloe who looked at us like we did not exactly belong there, to be fair she did eventually “friendly” up a bit. Bloody muji and Gap bags, always a giveaway…

And back up the Piccadilly line in Kings cross, we go to dinner in restaurants next door to the coolest school in London, Central Saint Martins of course and we even have choreographed fountains: