These are me

Continuing on from the Eurostar post, I thought I would stick to the “England-France” theme by talking about how two of my favourite things represent both sides of the Channel or one could say both sides of me.


Meet my cousin Billy, me and Lana Banana, i.e. my naughty little sister on a beach in Cornwall circa 1990 painted by my aunt Sandie.

This picture represents my dad’s side, painted by his sister on one of our holidays spent in England visiting him. It represents England, typical English beach holidays playing in rock pools on beaches where it’s never really that hot (let’s be honest). As it was painted by my aunt, my “arty”, cool aunt, it represents the “A” side in me, not just my surname but the open minded, strong, “London” side of me. It represents all those years travelling between 2 countries, CDG, LHR, CDG, LHR, CDG, LHR and finally Gare du nord, Waterloo etc…I still bloody spend my time travelling between both countries and still think about it every single time I step foot in Heathrow, every single time. On the other hand, this also represents the “old” yet young me. I’m not sure you can tell but I look slightly apprehensive in the picture, Banana looks ready to jump in with both feet, being the sensible one, it looks like I was doing a risk assessment!  There will always be a little bit of the older, responsible risk adverse little girl in me but things have changed.


Meet my good old blue Le Creuset pot. I use this probably at least 5 times a week. This represents the French side in me and my mum. I inherited my love of cooking from her and remember watching her use her brown one (she still has it!) time and time again. Food, glorious food, especially French food now that makes me happy!

This pot was bought about 9 years ago and it has lived in 4 flats with me so far and I intend on using it forever. I guess it represents the “grown up” me, the independent me who left France for a new life in London and who now cooks for herself and for others with great pleasure (my husband is lucky!). What brings me the most pleasure however, is being cooked for by my mum, maman. I love going back to the little girl in the painting who always ate everything on her plate. Probably not the best strategy for “la ligne” but I am definitely one of those people who lives to eat and is learning to live life to the full more and more each year. I intend on jumping into many more rock pools in the years to come, I’ll always assess the risk but now I know risks are worth taking.