I wonder…


I wonder about the 3 school girls , I come across nearly daily on my way to the bus stop. All 3 seem to be about 12.

The one I most familiar with is called India, I know this because I saw her name on one of her school bags once, her dad is from India and is a lawyer, I know this because I saw one of his firm’s corporate bags once. They live in the expensive building just above the bus stop, he takes her to school every day. Her dad never wears a coat, he is super stylish  and the closest he comes to wearing a coat is a “uniqlo”style down jacket under his suit jacket. He has very good hair. I saw him and his wife waiting outside their building last summer, off somewhere in cab, she is a beautiful blond. It’s highly likely their daughter is going to turn out very beautiful, very well educated and privileged. I wonder if her mums works, if not, does she leave for work super early or later and that’s why the dad takes India to school? I wonder if they live on the top floor of the building. I wonder if she will end up working in the City like her dad when she is older. I wonder if they go skiing.

The second girl, passes me by me on our street nearly everyday. She walks to school alone, she doesn’t go to the same school as India, nobody walks to school with her. I wonder why she walks to school alone. I wonder where she lives. I wonder if does well at school. I wonder what her dreams are.  I wonder what she thinks when she see me, the lady in the red coat. Does she wonder where I work? Or does she simply wonder why I glance at her every morning.

The third girl walks to school with her mum. Her mum seems on a mission, tiger mum style. I get the impression girl number 3 has a lot of chores to do, she seems very serious. I wonder if her mum goes off to work or home after she drops girl 3 off. I wonder if girl number 3 goes to the same school as girl number 2.

I wonder if these girls are prepared for the world, for all the choices they will have to make and especially I wonder if they are ready for boys. If they are not, I would like them to know love is great but teenage boys can also be summed by this: