What To Buy For Baby

I put together a list of things to buy for a pregnant friend of mine and then she sent it to another friend and then I passed it on to two women I didn’t know but who posted on my local parents FB group and who said it was really helpful so I thought I would share it with the world ūüôā

I used my experience and that of friends to put this together as well as the many hours I spent reading about all the stuff you can buy babies! So I broke it down into a few Bs.

  • Body

Your baby will need nappies and clothes as a basic necessity, you can’t do without these but you can definitely do without a lot of the other stuff!

Regarding clothes you don’t know how big your baby is going to be, you can use the predicted weight but its’ not very accurate.¬†My advice would be to buy 10 vests and 10 sleep suits to begin with. A mix of “newborn” and size 0-1 months¬†and maybe one or 2 “tiny baby” just in case. BUY THEM FROM A SUPERMARKET. I wasted money on nice babygros, they come in packs from supermarkets and are totally fine! Have one or 2 nice ones for when people come over but more is a waste of money. True clich√©: they grow out of things quickly and stuff gets poo stained!
However some cute clothes are definitely needed:
image image image
And a Chrismas Elf outfit is de rigueur for a winter baby:
I used water wipes at the beginning as they are gentle enough to use on newborn skin: http://waterwipes.com. Then moved onto huggies pure and now use Tesco wipes. Coconut oil is great for dry, flaky skin. Sunflower oil is supposed to be great too. Another tip is put a pop sock of oats into the bath if they baby has dry skin.¬†I have baby moisturiser that I have never used so I wouldn’t bother with that.
  • Baby carrier
We have the ergo baby 360 (http://store.ergobaby.com/baby-carrier/four-position-360) and it’s great but fabric slings are better for tiny newborns and good for in the house.¬†They love sleeping in slings, they feel safe and secure. A sling library is a great place to go and try slings on before investing
  • Boobs/Bottle
I could go for hours about my love/hate relationship with¬†breastfeeding¬†but all I will say is go on kellymom.com, it’s a great website about feeding.¬†Be aware of the symptoms¬†of tongue tie, if something doesn’t feel right, trust your instincts and speak to a professional lactation consultant ASAP!
If¬†you want to express and use bottles, a double pump is the best, they are really much faster. I had the Medela Swing, which is good but wish I’d had a double one. You can rent the Medela hospital grade one or this one¬†is supposed to be good:
MAM bottles are really good when combining breastfeeding and bottle feeding so they don’t get too much “nipple confusion”, which is a whole debatable subject!
  • Bed
If you don’t want your baby to sleep in a draw, then this is what I recommend ūüôā
We rented this: http://www.bednest.com,¬†A slept in it until she was 4 months old. The great thing with the bednest is YOU CAN GIVE IT BACK. I don’t get moses baskets, they are cute but they can be noisy (they squeak), you can’t clean them and all babies seem to grow out of them within a month or 2.
The bednest is unescapable!
A REAL¬†GREAT PRODUCT¬†is the Cocoonababy. A actually slept in it until she was 4 months old, we put in on our bed, in the bednest (this is not recommended according to the bednest guidelines but we did it anyway), on the sofa, on the floor etc. It’s easy to transport from room to room or even if you go away,¬†babies are super cosy and in a natural position it in and it avoids “flat head syndrome”. It can also really help with reflux as they are not flat on their back.
Newborns can’t control their arms and legs and the movement often wakes them up so swaddling is important, you can wrap them yourself in beautiful swaddling blankets¬†like we did (but probably didn’t do it enough):
but I would recommend buying a swaddle with Velcro or a zip like this:
Here is the Cocoonababy and the beautiful swaddling blankets in action:
image image image image image image image image image image image
White noise can help them sleep, so get your hands on Ewan the Dreem Sheep or our friend Eddie.
  • Bath

This¬†bath seat is indispensable (you can also buy it here), if not you have to hold the baby and wash it at the same time, which is really hard! 10 pounds well spent, I don’t know how people manage without one!

image image
  • Buggies

I would either buy the Uppababy Cruz¬†or Vista¬†because they both have massive baskets and a good pull down sunshade.¬†You can’t go wrong with either and the Vista can even become a double buggy.¬†The second best thing is probably a Bugaboo. We don’t have a car so how easy folding the buggy is doesn’t matter to us but if you’re going to use a car a lot then think about that (the mamas and papas Armadillo Flip XT is easy to fold for example).

  • Bits and Bobs

You don’t need to buy a specific changing table unless you want to, we just have a changing mat on top of a cheat of drawers. We even use this kitchen trolley (from Ikea) to store muslins, wipes etc. I would buy good quality muslins (less is more) as the cheap ones are not very so or absorbent.



We have a nappy bin but its not indispensable. Changing bags that come with a changing are mat are really useful but you could just use any bag as long as it fits on the buggy.

I bought this baby gym from Mothercare and she still uses it, another 10 pounds well spent!


A bumbo can be useful before they can sit up, but it’s definitely worth buying a second hand one.

image image image

A bouncy chair is also very useful:


I would really advise mums to be¬†to buy THINGS SECOND HAND except for a mattress and a car seat (unless you know for sure it’s not been in an accident), make a list for friends so you don’t only end up with clothes.

It’s myth that they wont let you leave the hospital without a car seat, you can carry babies on your lap or in a sling in a mini cab: it’s the LAW: https://www.gov.uk/child-car-seats-the-rules/when-a-child-can-travel-without-a-car-seat.

That’s all I can think of for now!

Maternity Leave Day 1

I’m back! After not blogging since May, I am now determined to at least stick to my “Monday night blogging” routine if not blog more frequently (this might not be very realistic for once the baby is here…).

A lot has happened since my last blog post. Here is a recap:

-We moved into our very own flat in May, we now live happily in Walthamstow

-We went through some pregnancy ups and downs and I am now 36.5 weeks pregnant, the big day is approaching!

-We had a great holiday in the US

-We went to an amazing wedding in Sweden

-Mister B passed the CFA

-We did our NCT classes

-a few friends got pregnant too

-Saturday was my baby shower, it was amazing and deserves its own blog post just like most of the above topics.

Since I have been pregnant I have put on 12.8 kilos and wonder how many more I will put on over the coming weeks, I’m totally happy with this and would be even if I had put on 20! There is so much to say about pregnancy and how Mini B already entertains me a lot, I am convinced she is trying to escape so I don’t think we will have to wait until her due date of November 12th to meet her, to be honest I don’t want to¬†wait until then! I wait to see her, cuddle her, kiss her, dress her in all the extremely cute clothes she already owns etc.


Anyway back to today…on Friday it was my 10 year anniversary at work and my last day, I was very happy to leave ūüôā For me¬†it’s too tiring mentally and physically to work full time the past few weeks and I definitely could not do ONE MORE DAY!

I did wake up this morning thinking, what am I going to do…I ended up spending hours on the internet looking for nursery d√©cor stuff, having¬†¬†a nap¬†and then a quick trip to the supermarket. I have things planned for the coming days so it was good to relax. I had a sneaky peak at my emails once or twice and realized I still had quite a few things to unsubscribe from and that was that Work will survive without me. I just hope the baby is not late because I think I might get quite bored (or bankrupt due to internet shopping) if I have to wait for more than a few weeks.

I do wonder what I will come back to, how the company will have changed and how I will have changed, who knows how I will feel in months to come. It’s crazy how unpredictable pregnancy and becoming a parent is so I am not making any bets on what will happen next year, who even knows how the birth will go!

I have one last pilates class to go to tonight  then Monday nights will definitely be blogging nights.

In the meantime, here is a pic of me + bump from Saturday:



My International Women’s Day

On Saturday, ¬†spring finally sprung in London and the sun was out! It’s funny how coffee, afternoon tea and dinner can actually be exhausting, clearly I’m getting old! First I went back to SW1 to meet a friend for coffee in Duke’s of York square, it was so nice to sit outside, admire the serious chic people and just chat. We actually chatted so much (it may have been International Women’s day but the topic was mainly men…)I ended up being 5 mins late for afternoon tea. This friend of mine is one of the smartest most beautiful women I know , she went straight from a BA to a PhD, yes it’s possible. Anyway, only in SW1 do people sit on a terrace drinking coffee and then ask the waiter if they can hold their dog whilst they go to the bathroom…clearly I don’t belong there.

Off to Haymarket for a baby shower/afternoon tea at the Haymarket Hotel, I have had a few afternoon teas in my time and I have to say this one was of the best because it was so relaxed, the sandwiches were unlimited (sandwiches and scones are my favourite part of afternoon tea, no interest in the cakes) and the staff really friendly. After the usual cream or jam first debate, it was time for presents. I have decided that anything for babies with ears is seriously cute!

The shower was for one of my colleagues, again another genius of a woman whose brain works so fast, she has seriously kept me on toes since she joined my team. I am lucky to work with some amazing women, funny, sweet, independent, tenacious, generous, unique and lovely women. They make it all bearable. After a ton of sandwiches and scones, we left mum-to-be with a pile of presents to take home in her E class Mercedes ( thanks Kabbee app!) After a wander round the shops (note to self, Oxford Street on a sunny Saturday is hell, how did I not realise this after 14 years in London! You think you can cope and then it’s miserable), I had some time to kill before dinner so off I went to the National Portrait Gallery and came across this woman:


I love Kate but I certainly do not love this painting, it makes her look old, the only thing that is true to life is the hair, looks even better than the real thing ( not that I have actually ever met Kate!). ¬†Anyway I would not be impressed if I were her. Clearly I’m never going to have a portrait in the NP Gallery…

Finally  I met up with Mister B in Covent Garden before dinner and came across another Kate, Kate Spade, now I LOVE all things Kate Spade and particularly this, which I came very close to buying, I think it sums quite a few of the fun (but naughty women) in the world up:


Clearly much more fun that the other Kate….probably best to stop at 3 though…