European Mummy Goes to Ibiza

Nearly 2 years after my daughter was born, I’m finally going away with girlfriends and nobody else! It’s been a long summer and I soooo excited to be having a proper adult girlie holiday.

We’re staying in an AirBnb in Ibiza Town. Unfortunately Vegas Rules apply in Ibiza so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to blog about!

See you later everybody!!!

Just A Quick Note To Say…

We all need to sit on a step outside our mum’s house in the middle of nowhere and watch the sunset sometimes. 

And we definitely all need to sit on a beach and watch our child laugh and screech with joy whilst playing with a simple scarf with her mamie.

And finally watch your brother carry your daughter on his shoulders for the first time across a field and see the smile on both their faces (until he told me he was going to faint because she’s heavy?!)

I am grateful for these moments. I love France and I love my crazy family. 

The Amazing Global Reach a Blog Can Have

Hello everyone!

I was just having a quick look at where my dear readers are from and the list of countries is amazing!!! Have a look at this!!!

Social media is amazing sometimes, I would never be able to communicate and connect with people from so many countries without this blog. I would LOVE to know more about you! Where do you live? How did you find the blog? What do you want me to write about? Do I know you in real life? Do you write a blog?

Please get in touch in the comments below.

Have a great evening everyone!

So As Not to Forget What My Daughter is Like At 19 Months Old

Time is flying! A will be 2 in November and when I see pictures of a year ago, I realise how much children change and you can easily forget what they were like. This blog is a great way to make sure I don’t forget. I’m not sure I could forget such cheekiness and craziness. Here are some photos from the past 4 days that sum my monster up pretty well, I wouldn’t change her for the world!

Thursday night post nursery snack wearing sunglasses, she loves to “accesorize” with bags, hats, glasses, my jewellery etc. She usually puts something on her arm, says “bye bye” and walks off!

Friday morning playing with mummy’s hair, this caused much laughter and I lost a few hairs in the process! Later that day, I took her for a haircut, she has very straight hair and the minute her fringe gets a bit long she literally can’t see! Here is the result:

A likes to give orders and on Saturday it was “off” as in we have to both take our clothes off (I was allowed to keep my underwear on!)

A also likes to throw and empty things and say “uh ho” as if some mysterious ghost was to blame

She loves baby but baby ended up in the bin and was “sad”, poor baby having A for a mummy!

Sunday night story reading was accompanied by sunglasses of course, daddy then proceeded to “help” by putting on some relevant music at 7PM

Needless to say things can get quite tiring but we’re never bored even if we both get frustrated (I’ve missed out any pictures of tantrums and moaning!), she’s my cheeks and I love her. She’s just got my crazy family’s genes!

Anyway Allez Les Bleus!

A Quick New Blog Name Explanation

This weekend, I changed the blog name from ” My AA Life” to “European Mummy” for a few different reasons that follow.

When I first set up this blog, it was more of a diary and it was all about me basically! My initials are AA and at that time I always thought I had a great life, I work in data (very boring rating reference) and to be honest I didn’t really spend much time on the blog title (which I later regretted) so My AA Life was born. And then recently I got a few messages about addiction stuff because obviously AA also stands for Alcoholics Anonymous and MOST IMPORTANTLY the EU referendum happened and all my “European-ness” came flooding out.

Indeed I was born in England, lived in France for 11 years, lived in Berlin for one year, have a BA in European Studies, met my husband in Hungary, the list goes on…

And so European Mummy it is now!

Reporting live from a hungover mum





Nearly fell asleep on the train home.

A woke at 6.30AM and it felt like I had been asleep for 5 mins.

Tv, biscuits and playing with my iphone are the name of the game today, my head cannot handle any whining, crying or screaming.

Bad parenting is probably the only way to survive being hungover with a toddler. Is it acceptable to pay for a babysitter in the day so I can go back to bed?

But it was really fun to be out and not have to deal with the whole nursery/bedtime routine though.

However I can’t believe it’s not even 9AM, wish me luck people.

PS: apologies for a random post but my brain is not exactly working

10 Things To Do Before Maternity Leave Ends

1. Start your childcare arrangements BEFORE you go back to work. My daughter started full time at nursery 2 weeksbefore I went back and those weeks were bliss and meant she was more settled when I finally started work again (less traumatising all round!). You won’t get real alone time for a long long time so make the most of it!

2. Try on your old work clothes, after a baby, it’s likely some stuff is not going to fit anymore. Then treat yourself to a few nice new things, it will make you feel more confident and you deserve it! TK Maxx, GAP and MandS are great places to look.

3. Work out an evening meal menu for the first 2 weeks back. Trust me, you’ll be tired, maybe emotional and the last you’ll want to do after the nursery pickup and bed time is think of what to cook!

4. If you have access, logon to your work email and delete, delete, delete. Despite having been removed from many distribution lists, I had accumulated TONS of emails over the 11 months I was off.

5. Meet friends for lunch because that is about to go out of the window!

6. A little grooming or a new haircut for example can make you feel more confident when you’re back in the working world.

7. Sort through baby clothes, toys and other “stuff” and put stuff on ebay, donate to charity etc. You really won’t have the time or motivation for such tasks once you’re back at work.

8. If you can, go to a spa or for afternoon tea or the cinema or just do something lovely during the day ALONE!

9. Spend a day at home doing nothing as that’s basically not going to happen again for 18 years

10. Find a working mum friend or “mentor”, I’m lucky to be surrounded at work by some great other working mums who are very supportive and understanding. Nobody else will get why you’re in tears because the nursery have called to say your baby is sick and you’re about to go away on your first overnight business trip abroad. Ladies, you know who you are and you are the best.