A Quick New Blog Name Explanation

This weekend, I changed the blog name from ” My AA Life” to “European Mummy” for a few different reasons that follow.

When I first set up this blog, it was more of a diary and it was all about me basically! My initials are AA and at that time I always thought I had a great life, I work in data (very boring rating reference) and to be honest I didn’t really spend much time on the blog title (which I later regretted) so My AA Life was born. And then recently I got a few messages about addiction stuff because obviously AA also stands for Alcoholics Anonymous and MOST IMPORTANTLY the EU referendum happened and all my “European-ness” came flooding out.

Indeed I was born in England, lived in France for 11 years, lived in Berlin for one year, have a BA in European Studies, met my husband in Hungary, the list goes on…

And so European Mummy it is now!

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