10 Things To Do Before Maternity Leave Ends

1. Start your childcare arrangements BEFORE you go back to work. My daughter started full time at nursery 2 weeksbefore I went back and those weeks were bliss and meant she was more settled when I finally started work again (less traumatising all round!). You won’t get real alone time for a long long time so make the most of it!

2. Try on your old work clothes, after a baby, it’s likely some stuff is not going to fit anymore. Then treat yourself to a few nice new things, it will make you feel more confident and you deserve it! TK Maxx, GAP and MandS are great places to look.

3. Work out an evening meal menu for the first 2 weeks back. Trust me, you’ll be tired, maybe emotional and the last you’ll want to do after the nursery pickup and bed time is think of what to cook!

4. If you have access, logon to your work email and delete, delete, delete. Despite having been removed from many distribution lists, I had accumulated TONS of emails over the 11 months I was off.

5. Meet friends for lunch because that is about to go out of the window!

6. A little grooming or a new haircut for example can make you feel more confident when you’re back in the working world.

7. Sort through baby clothes, toys and other “stuff” and put stuff on ebay, donate to charity etc. You really won’t have the time or motivation for such tasks once you’re back at work.

8. If you can, go to a spa or for afternoon tea or the cinema or just do something lovely during the day ALONE!

9. Spend a day at home doing nothing as that’s basically not going to happen again for 18 years

10. Find a working mum friend or “mentor”, I’m lucky to be surrounded at work by some great other working mums who are very supportive and understanding. Nobody else will get why you’re in tears because the nursery have called to say your baby is sick and you’re about to go away on your first overnight business trip abroad. Ladies, you know who you are and you are the best.

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