All I Want For Christmas Is…

…the following list (some realistic, some not!)

  • I’m not going to include the obvious like health and happiness for my friends and family, that goes without saying
  • some new jeans that fit properly
  • some new well fitting trousers
  • a miracle hair cut
  • vouchers for 52 weekly blow dries
  • to go back to the spa at the Corinthia
  • a few bottles of Martini d’Oro
  • a few bottles of very good pinot noir (such as this one, which is my favourite :
  • some new Nike Free trainers
  • a cashmere dressing gown
  • a new carry on Tumi suitcase
  • a Chanel handbag
  • a new watch
  • to be employed as Nigella’s assistant
  • new wine glasses
  • a new mattress
  • an amazing and well fitted wool or cashmere coat
  • for the pain in my left shoulder to go away ( I probably need to stop picking Arabella up!)
  • a cooking class
  • a wooly hat with a fur ball on the end that fits
  • a weekly flower delivery
  • some really good high quality tea
  • a new kettle
  • some very nice napkins
That’s all 🙂 What’s on your list?

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