Maternity Leave Day 1

I’m back! After not blogging since May, I am now determined to at least stick to my “Monday night blogging” routine if not blog more frequently (this might not be very realistic for once the baby is here…).

A lot has happened since my last blog post. Here is a recap:

-We moved into our very own flat in May, we now live happily in Walthamstow

-We went through some pregnancy ups and downs and I am now 36.5 weeks pregnant, the big day is approaching!

-We had a great holiday in the US

-We went to an amazing wedding in Sweden

-Mister B passed the CFA

-We did our NCT classes

-a few friends got pregnant too

-Saturday was my baby shower, it was amazing and deserves its own blog post just like most of the above topics.

Since I have been pregnant I have put on 12.8 kilos and wonder how many more I will put on over the coming weeks, I’m totally happy with this and would be even if I had put on 20! There is so much to say about pregnancy and how Mini B already entertains me a lot, I am convinced she is trying to escape so I don’t think we will have to wait until her due date of November 12th to meet her, to be honest I don’t want to wait until then! I wait to see her, cuddle her, kiss her, dress her in all the extremely cute clothes she already owns etc.


Anyway back to today…on Friday it was my 10 year anniversary at work and my last day, I was very happy to leave 🙂 For me it’s too tiring mentally and physically to work full time the past few weeks and I definitely could not do ONE MORE DAY!

I did wake up this morning thinking, what am I going to do…I ended up spending hours on the internet looking for nursery décor stuff, having  a nap and then a quick trip to the supermarket. I have things planned for the coming days so it was good to relax. I had a sneaky peak at my emails once or twice and realized I still had quite a few things to unsubscribe from and that was that Work will survive without me. I just hope the baby is not late because I think I might get quite bored (or bankrupt due to internet shopping) if I have to wait for more than a few weeks.

I do wonder what I will come back to, how the company will have changed and how I will have changed, who knows how I will feel in months to come. It’s crazy how unpredictable pregnancy and becoming a parent is so I am not making any bets on what will happen next year, who even knows how the birth will go!

I have one last pilates class to go to tonight  then Monday nights will definitely be blogging nights.

In the meantime, here is a pic of me + bump from Saturday:



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