From Walthamstow to Barcelona

Last week we finally went inside our new flat, this ┬ámust not be confused with moving in, still a few weeks until that happens, all I can say is scaffolding and balconies are the culprits…

Normally, I am very positive person but for some reason, I was really worried the flat would be small despite knowing the room dimensions, it made no sense, maybe I was trying to keep my expectations low so as not to be disappointed….classic trick of the mind that worked! The kitchen is lovely and the living room quite big, so now I can relax and look forward to having a double oven! I know it’s very sad to be that excited about about a double oven but try roasting meat and making roast potatoes (in goose fat obviously) at the same time, not so easy my friends, so here is my future domestic goddess room:


The next day, we jumped on a Ryanair flight, oh how I love them, the hard cramped seats, the stag and hen dos, the spirits that come in by one get one free packets (yes not bottles), the stewardess’ uniforms that are so chic and clearly made from a very high quality material and best of all the lovely little song they play at the end when you land on time of course. At least you now get an assigned seat…

We stayed at the W Hotel in Barcelona, I am obsessed with W hotels since we stayed at the one in Bali, they have a way of making you feel cool, even when you’re not. They also make for amazing people watching, I think I spotted an international escort, I even stalked her on Instagram and she she stays in suspiciously high end hotels all around the world but does not mention her profession, yes she could have countless highly paid jobs that enable her to afford to fly in private jets and sit by the pool of the W Barcelona with 60 year old men…

The W does views and pools:





We had to go and see this:



The best thing we did was a Spanish Civil War walking tour, it was super interesting and made me quite ashamed to have a degree in European Studies as I hardly knew anything about the subject, this Church was bombed and dozens of children died, one of the more moving parts of the tour:



I intend on reading more about it and reading more about history in General, the amount of knowledge that has left my brain and replaced with knowledge about benchmark data and celebrity gossip is VERY SAD.

It was a lovely few days, however you can take the girl out of Bank but…





What’s been driving me crazy and what I have been loving lately

This is the first time I missed blogging on a Monday but dinner and lots of chatting are a good excuse!

I need to have a rant about people who do not move to the back of the bus, it drives me INSANE! I want to scream at them to “move the fxxx down”, on a really bad morning I want to push them!

I just don’t understand how one can stand in the middle if the bus and watch people squeeze in to the front and not make room. I would like to know the following:

-are they totally unaware of the consequences of their actions and oblivious to the fact they are blocking everyone?

– do they just not care, I.e. Know they are getting off soon so don’t want the hassle of moving down the bus

-do they not realise there is room behind them?

It always amazes me when the “please move down the bus” message comes on, people look up and see the room, like they were blind until then, so bizarre and annoying! These are the kind of people who could fall of a cliff because they did not see the edge.

I put them in the same highly annoying category of people lean on the bell on the bus and keep ringing it!

So I get to work already worked up and then the weather can’t decide what it’s doing, is it spring or not?! I guess as the French say: “en avail me te decouvre pas d’un fil”.

What I do love are the longer days, the joy of coming up and it not begin dark is probably a typical British thing but it really makes me happy!

It really is the small things that can make you happy, for example I love “the Heist” by ┬áMacklemore and Ryan Lewis”, listening to that in the morning nearly makes up for the idiots on the bus.

I’m also loving my new Tory Burch blue bag combined with my new yellow J Crew jumper puts a smile on my face, as it said the little things…



And May is round the corner filled with so many great things, hen nights, birthdays, spa hotels, Katy Perry concerts all that after an Easter trip to Barcelona, it’s going to be great!