Resolution failure 1 and how my eyes have been opened

Today I ate cake, I was not supposed to eat cake all of January…hmmm…it’s only day 6! However it was for a good cause: “la galette des rois” (cake eating meets Epiphany), a great French tradition. My French colleague and I always make a point of doing “la galette” in the office at epiphany. Our colleagues find the whole thing quite baffling but I know they secretly love it!
This whole resolution thing has made me realise 2 things:
1. I am addicted to chocolate, I found it really hard not to eat any, it also made me realise how often I eat it (probably every day!)
2. I spend a lot of time in clothes shops and on related websites. I have found not shopping quite hard and am embarrassed to have realised how much time and money I spend on clothes
3. I need some more hobbies and passions, more on that next time!

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