Calisse, I love New York City!

Happy Monday!

If you’ve been following, you’ll know I was in NYC last week. Gosh it was cold and gosh I love that city and here is why.

First of all you can have a shower with a view:


Seriously, a view like that makes the jetlag worth it, it makes you want to get up and seize the day, how can one not feel a bit “carpe diem” when one wakes up to that? I would stand in the bath tube morning and night and just stare out the window. Who are the people who live in those buildings, what kind of lives do they lead, do they go to SoulCycle at 6AM? 🙂

Secondly, they have the High Line, one of my favourite places in the world:




photo (15)

The first time I went there was one very hot evening last July, it was packed and really inspiring, I will never forget because that was also the first time I wore my favourite shoes bought in NYC, they epitomize the city, cool, bright and fun:

photo (16)

Also, they seriously know how to do salads in NYC, I went to “Cafeteria”, the one from SATC and it was packed with half super trendy people, half super orange girls who must have come up for the day from New Jersey (no , I don’t have a picture of them, a cat fight could have followed):

photo (12)

There are some things that Americans just do better, no matter what. For example blow drys, this lasted 5 days, 5 days! and only cost $40, the Dry Bar is amazing:

photo (13)

photo (11)

For me, you can’t spend a week in NYC with messy hair, it’s JUST NOT RIGHT!

I saw a 12 year old girl walking around Soho with an amazing bag on her arm like she owned the place, you don’t get that anywhere else. Nor do you get very hot guys in lifts delivering rugs , who with one smile can make your day, yes I went bright red but forgot about my lack of sleep in a New York Minute.

Talking of hot guys, meet Henrik:

photo (8)

This one does him more justice:

Yep, only in NYC do they have super hot ice hockey players! Talking of which “calisse” is ice hockey exciting! These guys basically sprint on ice and whack each against hard glass, it doesn’t really get more manly than this, I know how hard the glass is as I touched it:

photo (17)

They even give you blankets to keep warm, good old American customer service:

photo (7)

photo (6)


It was blast, so is ending up in a very dodgy total dive of a karaoke bar (Winnies for those of you interested) in China Town but much fun was had. There was an amazing guy who did 2 songs and I kept thinking to myself, only in NYC:

photo (4)

As for “Calisse”, some guy kept saying this throughout the game and I asked “What language is that?” , “Hick” I was told, turns out it’s French Canadian, these Texans so uneducated…

So long NYC, next time I hope I will be doing this again:

photo (19)

photo (18)

photo (20)


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