The highs and lows of early motherhood

I wrote this 2.5 weeks after Arabella was born, in the middle of the night whilst struggling to breastfed. Things have definitely improved since then but that’s another post….

Lows: bleeding nipples after 2 days Crying daily

Seeing your baby hungry

Your instinct telling you something is not right, it’s supposed to be hard but probably not this hard

People asking “is she feeding every 3 hours?”

Realising big boobs are actually a nightmare to feed from because you can’t see what’s going on and they are heavy

The pain of infected stitches and not being able to stand

The dilemma of topping up with bottles or not and what type of bottle

Spending 3 nights in hospital surrounded by people either listening loudly to the tv or with such bad life problems it was depressing to listen to

Being shown only one not very good breastfeeding position in hospital

Feeling like you’re failing despite all the preparation

Highs: some very very supportive non judgmental family and friends

Doing it my way for example being against co-sleeping and then realising that’s what works for now

Hearing your husband talk to her in the other room

Feeling like a family

Touching her cute little toes

Seeing her relax in the bath and knowing it’s not all bad, there is something you can do that she enjoys

Looking at her and thinking she’s perfect

Going out alone with the baby for the first time in a carrier and feeling proud

Losing 10 kilos in 10 days

Knowing you have an excuse for a boob job after this

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