Great BBQ has landed in Walthamstow

Today I went for lunch at Grillstock as part of their soft opening with 50% off food and drink.
We were 7 mums, 1 dad, 7 babies and 6 buggies! Nevertheless our waitress Veronica did a great job of moving chairs around so all the buggies could fit. Had this been a normal busy day we would have struggled to all fit but the food was so good (more on that later) that I’m sure we would come back and just use slings.
It’s really easy to find with a big BBQ sign outside next door to the future Thai restaurant just before HSBC.
I’m married to an American and have being going to the U.S. regularly for the past 10 years so I’ve had my fair share of BBQ and this was up there.

The inside is nice and airy with just the right amount of tables and some comfy looking booths. The picnic benches are a nice touch and the music was just loud enough.
You have to order food at the bar which is fine and we were told this straight away. They made sure all the food came together by putting a “hold” on the first order until everyone at the table had ordered, which was appreciated.

The menu is divided into sections such as “BBQ plates” ( a full meal), “sandwiches”, “burgers”, “fixins”( sides) and “home style dishes”.
I had a pulled pork sandwich which came with fries and coleslaw and an extra side of Mac n Cheese. The sandwich was great, the bun was the perfect consistency and the meat really flavourful, I added some hot BBQ sauce, which was on the table and looked homemade. I’m definitely trying the ribs next time! They don’t have ketchup (yet!) which was a shame but they will soon. The coleslaw was nice and chunky and not drenched in mayonnaise. The chips were OK but not amazing, it’s the only thing I wasn’t that impressed with. Portions were good and with 50% off amazing value but even at full price, the value is good.

I really want to thank our waitress Veronica (love your hair by the way!) who was very sweet and helpful. Apparently it’s her first waitressing job and it didn’t show one bit!
I’ll definitely be back and I’m sure my American husband is going to love it! A great new addition to the Walthamstow “Scene”.




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