10 Naughty Things I Have Done Since Becoming A Mum (and some I still do!)

So let’s be honest, having a baby is far from easy (even though some people seem to make it look/sound easy, I’m pretty sure these are the same people who “never revised” for exams but always got good grades…) and sometimes a mum’s gotta do what a mum’s gotta do to survive! I’m not proud of this list of 10 naughty things I’ve done as a mum but I hope it makes some of you feel better! Some of these are funny, some sad and some not really that bad …

  1. Said “I’m fine” when clearly I wasn’t and didn’t understand what on earth I was supposed to be “enjoying” about motherhood – I’ll admit it I hated most of the first month but that’s OK, especially when you’re dealing with tongue tie
  2. Put the baby down for a nap “awake but drowsy”, I.e. Crying, get in the shower and then pray that once I turn the water off, the crying will have stopped – thankfully we are finally past this stage
  3. Told my newborn to shut up in the middle of the night – again see above
  4. Relied heavily on “buggy naps” – definitely still happens especially in the afternoon
  5. Not washed my hair for nearly a week – thankfully this doesn’t happen anymore, definitely need a hair cut though
  6. Pretend I didn’t have time to cook so we can have a takeaway for dinner – this still happens but my husband doesn’t read my blog!
  7. Spend far too much time on my phone rather than get down on the floor and play with my daughter – need to work on this one
  8. Eat chocolate every day – see above
  9. Put the iPad in front of my 7 month old during breakfast so I can drink my tea in peace – have now discovered CBeebies and it’s even better!
  10. Give me my baby McFlurry as her first taste of food – she loved it of course!

What would your list be? Has anybody else done any of these?

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