Happy New Year and OXO Tot Product Review

OXO Tot sent me these products for free but all opinions are my own.

Happy New Year everybody! 2015 was the year of maternity leave for me and this year will be my first as a working mum, both have their challenges, both are tiring and I intend to make the most of both!

Back in 2014 I decided to do monthly resolutions,  which was not a bad strategy even though I gave up pretty quickly. This year, my only resolution is to go to Pilates at least once a week but I still haven’t been this week! I really need to do some exercise and carrying A on the same side a lot has really really damaged my left shoulder so I need to sort it out!

Just before Christmas my friends at OXO tot sent me some new products to try, we still use their amazing bib every day so I can definitely say their products are of good quality. They sent us a training cup, a flip top snack cup and a training plate all in the same lovely green as the infamous bib!


Arabella was super excited about the cup straight away, I think she liked the idea of a “big girl” cup! It is definitely easy to hold and light so tips and is picked up easily. There is a translucent perforated removable lid that slows the flow of drink, however I think she is still too young because we went from this:

to it being tipped upside down and emptied on the floor in seconds 😦  I’m definitely keeping it for in a few months when she is a bit more under control! But she definitely likes it:


I really like the design of the plate, it has a weighted non-slip base that makes it more stable. The ring can actually be removed later on for older children. The curved side helps them push the food up when using utensils.


The plate doesn’t stick so of course the first time we used it, A quickly found the following it fun to pick up the plate and throw it on the floor…

However, we have since made progress, we used it tonight and she didn’t throw it on the floor! Success! It really looks nice and is more like what mummy and daddy use so little miss independent likes it a lot

Last but not least: the snack pot. I love it! I’ve gone from putting her biscuits and other snacks in a plastic bag and them getting crushed to using this, it now lives in the back of the buggy and is super handy.

I don’t use a changing bag anymore but this would easily fit in any bag.

Thanks again OXO Tot and don’t hesitate to check out their full range here: http://oxouk.com/s-149-Tot.aspx

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