Why I Love Our Cybex Callisto Pushchair

Back in the January sales, we bought a Cybex Callisto pushchair (http://cybex-online.com/en/pushchairs/callisto.html) as we needed something lighter and easier to fold than the Bugaboo Frog, which recently got a puncture so I have switched to this.

I’ll get straight to the point or its best “USP” in my opinion. We first used in on holiday in Tenerife and fell in love with it back then but I hadn’t realised a key feature which is that the hood can cover the whole seat and therefore the whole baby, which would have really helped in the sun!!!

Indeed no need for finding shade and using swaddling blankets and pegs:



When you can do this:

image image image

This is a seriously great feature that I haven’t seen on any other pushchairs. Most people have to buy a cover to keep  little legs out of the sun and create a dark environment that blocks out stimulation for naps.

The rain cover is great too, it actually FITS and stays put:


The handlebar is quite high, which I find comfortable but it might be a bit too high in you were on the short side. Folding it down is easily done by pressing on the button on the handlebar and pressing down on the back. Its got a handy pocket on the back of the canopy. The basket at the bottom is the main let down as its not very big and not that easy to access



I still managed to fit quite a lot of “stuff” in it!

It’s not  the lightest of its kind but I can lift it and there is a handle on the side that you can use once its folded.The seat seems comfortable and large enough to last a few years. I think I’ll use the other one for when I go shopping or need to carry a lot of stuff but if not, this is the day to day buggy from now on.

It’s just so much easier to push, especially one handed which when you live in a building with multiple doors is a real plus!

Hopefully we’ll be using some more Cybex products in the future.

Baby Products That Need To Be Invented

If anybody would like to become a billionaire, you simply need to create one of these products, as far as know none of them exist:

  • A self cleaning high chair
  • A high chair with high sides so no food can be thrown on the floor
  • A bib that ties around the waist so it doesn’t ride up
  • A “weaning hat” so hair doesn’t get covered in food
  • An “attach spoon” so said spoon can’t be thrown on the floor
  • A treadmill or “vibrator” for buggies to get babies to sleep, ideally could be used with a crib too
  • An integrated white noise surround sound machine for cots
  • Nappies that NEVER leak
  • A cheap, lightweight sturdy playpen, could be inflatable but with high sides
  • An “anti-rolling” sleeping bag with an integrated sleep positioned or something
  • Glow in the dark teether
  • Glow in the dark cup

Do any of these things exist?

As I think some of these ideas are brilliant, I’m linking up with #brilliantblogposts
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How I Stumbled On The Best Lip Balm Ever By Chance or What To Do With Leftover Nipple Cream

Last Saturday I was rushing to get ready for a night out with the other NCT mums (you don’t want to waste a minute of these rare occasions!) and realised I had chapped lips so couldn’t put any lipstick on. I looked around for some lipbalm but this caught my eye

My brain went into overdrive and I just knew this was going to work very well. If it’s OK for babies to nurse without removing it and if it can solve all your cracked/sore nipple problems then surely it will be good for cracked lips. Well ladies, this is the bomb, the ultimate lip balm. Lansinoh nipple cream is the Rolls Royce of lip balms, it works a treat – not only do your lips feel good and soft, they look good:

Lansinoh, you can thank me when your sales figures go through the roof!

Perfect 10 Mobile Beauty Is Pretty Perfect

A few weeks ago, I finally used the gift voucher my amazing friend bought me (mentioned here) and it was amazing!
Picture this: it’s 8PM on a Thursday night, your baby is in bed and at 7.55 on the dot (the fact she was bang on time was a big plus and really appreciated), a very friendly beautician turns up on your doorstep ready to give you an hour long MASSAGE and you don’t even have to LEAVE THE HOUSE!
She arrived with a fold up bed, pillows, oil and iPad speakers. I told her to set up in the bedroom, it took just a few minutes, she asked if the lighting was ok and then left me to get changed and onto the bed.
An hour of bliss followed, the massage was just what I needed! She checked the pressure was right and concentrated on my back, which I asked her to.
I was very impressed with the payment system (I had to top up the voucher a tiny bit), it was super easy, I just typed my card details into the IPad and an instant receipt was sent to me by email.
I then changed into my PYJAMAS and went straight to sleep!
The fact they come to your house, on time, up to 8PM at night makes it the ideal treat for tired mums. Especially when you are breastfeeding, it’s not 100% relaxing to leave your baby for a few hours, you know they will survive but cant fully switch off. On the other hand, at home, you can so treat yourselves girls! (please let them know I sent you 🙂 )
Thank you Coco and thanks Perfect10!