How I Stumbled On The Best Lip Balm Ever By Chance or What To Do With Leftover Nipple Cream

Last Saturday I was rushing to get ready for a night out with the other NCT mums (you don’t want to waste a minute of these rare occasions!) and realised I had chapped lips so couldn’t put any lipstick on. I looked around for some lipbalm but this caught my eye

My brain went into overdrive and I just knew this was going to work very well. If it’s OK for babies to nurse without removing it and if it can solve all your cracked/sore nipple problems then surely it will be good for cracked lips. Well ladies, this is the bomb, the ultimate lip balm. Lansinoh nipple cream is the Rolls Royce of lip balms, it works a treat – not only do your lips feel good and soft, they look good:

Lansinoh, you can thank me when your sales figures go through the roof!

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