Day Dreaming

One of my favourite things is to imagine what I would do if when I win the lottery (those who know me well know I am sure I am going to win big on the lottery one day, believing is the first step to winning in my opinion). So in order to not waste time or forget anything when the day comes, here is the list (this assumes a win of 10 million pounds or more, the list might have to be reduced for smaller gains…).

  1. Pay off our mortgage and rent the flat out
  2. Move into a hotel whilst we choose a new house in London (most likely in Islington)
  3. Buy all parents and brothers and sisters a house each (some might have to have flats as we have a big family!).
  4. Spend December and January in the mountains, I have always dreamed of Christmas with all my family in a chalet in the mountains
  5. Buy a house somewhere hot
  6. Buy Orford house in Walthamstow and transform it into a “Shoreditch Walthamstow House” -this, along with charity work, would be my job
  7. Spend a year travelling the world eating in 3 Michelin star restaurants and doing cooking classes along the way. In particular spend time “eating” in Thailand, Japan and Italy
  8. Learn Italian
  9. Spend the summer somewhere hot with different friends and family visiting each week having amazing pool parties
  10. Pay off quite a few friends and family’s mortgages/get them somewhere permanent to live
  11. Spend a week every “season” shopping in New York with a personal shopper with my best girlfriends
  12. Get a personal reformer pilates trainer to come 4 times a week and make my body HOT.
  13. Fly back to Bali in Singapore airlines first class on the A380
  14. Go to the South Pole
  15. Go to the North Pole
  16. Have a massage and facial every week
  17. Get involved with a few different charities
  18. Buy my mum a horse
  19. Buy my husband a cross fit gym
  20. Never have to learn to drive

That’s all.


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