My review of the OXO Tot Roll Up Bib, I have finally found a GREAT bib!

*Disclaimer: I was sent this bib for free but I have not been compensated in any other way and all opinions are my own*

OXO Tot recently sent me one of their Roll up bibs you can buy them here and here) and I am really impressed. I have been searching for a bib that doesn’t ride up and this does a lot more than that!

What is completely unique about this bib is that it rolls up into itself, which means that not only does it not take up much space in your bag but it also doesn’t get anything else dirty! The fact it matches our changing bag is just the cherry on the cake:


I had been using throw away bibs for this exact reason (to avoid dirty bibs getting everything else dirty and also becoming smelly!) when out and about but these aren’t great for the environment and are costly over the long term. Problem solved!

Another problem that is solved is the tendency for bibs to ride up and therefore not always provide great coverage or to not fit well with the high chair seat or tray, this happens with the thin lightweight bibs especially. We do have a hard plastic one but it’s a bit wide at the top and actually uncomfortable for A. The OXO tot bib is made of two different materials: a soft, easy to wipe (and to dry!) top bit made of fabric, which makes it comfortable and good for different sized babies and a bottom silicone part that makes up the roll and  also catches all the bits!


I’ve used it out in the buggy and in the high chair and it is just the right length:

IMG_6929 IMG_6936

You can see in the first photo the tag was still attached as I was so eager to use it!

A had a lot of fun picking the bits up and ended up a lot less messy than usual after lunch!

IMG_6943 IMG_6941 IMG_6946 IMG_6945

She loves her new food storage area!

It attaches at the back with Velcro which is good because it will fit different sizes but I worry about it getting dirty and her eventually being able to rip it off, this is the only fault I could find.

It was very easy to clean and it dried really quickly, which as all mums know is a bonus!

I’ll be getting another one that can live in the changing bag. If you want a great length bib, that catches bit and works well in a changing bag, this is the bib for you!